Thursday, January 11, 2018

On Ringlo Lake, a Bonny Hunter mystery – 5

Today is officially back to work for us, so I guess far less quilting will get done but I’ll sneak in my usual 15 minutes where-ever I can.

After completing clue 4, I decided it was time for something different and quilted and cut outers for 4 more Sew Together bags.
The urge to have a quick finish took over and I made my second Sew Together Bag.
With the Bargello quilt for my sister on the frame to work on intermittently I got cutting on clue 5.  I still find loading a quilt on a frame more tedious than spray and pin basting a quilt for the domestic machine.  Hopefully this will get easier.
Sharing myself between two quilt rooms I got clue 5 done and I think now is a good time to give my machine a good brush, oil and a new needle.  It can after all only take so much.

Monday, January 08, 2018

On Ringo Lake, a Bonny Hunter mystery -4

I am starting to tense up knowing we have to return to the office on Thursday…. At least the first week will be VERY short and we have our staff barbeque on Friday afternoon, so a sweet start to the year.

We expected the kids and grand-kids over one afternoon and I decided to at least get all my pieces cut and ready for stitching before they arrived and it worked out nicely as I had all my cuts done and stacked for easy sewing.
The kids had fun in the pool and we are still snacking way too much.
After the kids left, leaving granddaughter for a sleepover by us, she too fell asleep soon and I was able to start and get done with half of the piecing for this clue,
Well the last half had to stay over for another day but finally I have clue 4 done.

Friday, January 05, 2018

Block 31 – Jacqui

Having had granddaughter sleeping over Wednesday night I did some handwork while watching her as she spent almost the whole day in the swimming pool on Thursday and I got to finish Block 31.
I then traced a picture of one of the “My little ponies” onto fabric for her to colour with permanent markers and then finished it off as a scatter cushion.  She was so impressed with her grandma and now wants me to make lots as she wants to sell them for $20 each.  We don’t even deal in dollar in South Africa!  Amazing what television will teach these youngsters.

Thursday, January 04, 2018

On Ringo Lake, a Bonny Hunter mystery -3

I love my time off work and all the things I get to do while being at home all day long.  I do very little cooking as we have so many left-overs from Christmas I told hubby we might just have these until Valentine’s day.

I finished clue 3 of this mystery and the bad part is that clue 9 and the reveal is already out, so I’m not just a little behind but being at the back properly!

Must admit I tore the printed clue up in hundreds of little pieces as I don’t want to see this soon again.
I also had some time to play on the frame and tried stitching through faux leather, turned out great and now this little head is working overtime with the possibilities of using these.

Monday, January 01, 2018

My first project for this year

A non-quilting co-worker wants to make an Owl quilt for her grandson and found a picture (not a pattern) of owls in a tree on the internet.  She however is not sure whether her machine is still in working order and obviously has no clue what making a quilt entails. I think she sees my quilts and then just think “o well it is a matter of putting fabric on a background and all will be well”.  Furthermore she intends to do the entire tedious applique by hand.  Now, knowing a little better, but not wanting to burst her bubble I couldn’t help wondering if this quilt would be finished by the time the little one (almost 2 now) turns 17.  She works full time, has to go home, cook, clean and sometimes I think she is the main caregiver to this little boy even though mom still lives with them too.

While out shopping for other stuff I walked by a window with owls pre-printed on fabric and although  I don’t like to quilt for other people (unless family or very close friends) I thought “what the heck, this should go quickly” and it truly did.  I bought another piece of fabric, also with owls on it for the sashing and started cutting yesterday morning.  Before we went for our New Years’ celebrations at 7 pm I had the binding stitched on and could therefore just finish the back of the binding by hand today.

A nice way to start a New Year and hopefully a sign of many quilts to be completed.