Saturday, December 09, 2017

Magnolia Mystery – 5

Phew, what a quilt workout I had! Finished joining my blocks before going to bed at 11 pm (extremely late for me) on Friday, got up at 04:30 this morning (normal wake-up time) and started joining blocks and rows into a quilt top.

Got the whole top done before granddaughter came over for a sleep-over.
This mystery can be found over HERE.

Friday, December 08, 2017

Magnolia Mystery – 4

Having 2 sewing rooms is turning out to be somewhat complicating my rather organised life.  At 04:30 Thursday morning I still cut a practise quilt top to get another go on my Qnique 14 quilting machine, while watching You Tube videos and making notes like crazy and then after work, what would I find?  The new clue to this mystery!

Total confusion for this little brain of mine, should I finish what I started this morning or simply abandon project 1 and get going with the mystery?  I then decided to have a nice big glass of wine while contemplating my choices.

While enjoying my wine my daughter came over so none of my plans realised, maybe it was time for a break.

Today after work I worked a little on my notes (loading, advancing and rolling a quilt on the Qnique and the frame) as well as putting the blocks of this mystery together.
Quilting friend Karin would have loved these blocks as she likes big block quilts and these ended up being 21” x 21” each.

Thursday, December 07, 2017

On Ringo Lake, a Bonny Hunter mystery -2

After the grand-kids left Saturday morning, I got multi-tasking like crazy with my old trusted 15-minute-at-a-time routine.  Quilt, load laundry, quilt, do dishes, quilt, vacuum, quilt and before long I had every little hand- and finger mark off the furniture and a sparkling house and clean laundry.

Knowing that hubby had a golf game on Sunday I started cutting strips and units for the second clue so that I, apart from having to run a couple of errands, have nothing other than piecing to do.

The amount of cutting in the clue was monstrous and I wondered if it would ever end!

Being up early I got all the bedding done and even started piecing before a single shop opened. As much as I tried it was just one of those laid back lazy days and I couldn’t bring myself to quilt as much as I hoped and this is how far I got before calling it a day.
Finally got clue 2 done on Tuesday but first had to visit quilting friend Karin, who had a thumb operation and will be out of action for the next 6 weeks, poor soul!

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Exploring the possibilities on my Q’nique 14+ on the Cadence frame – 3

As said in my previous post, there is no easy way out….. Patience, practise and persistence must lead to some kind of success.  I’ve spend hours on You Tube watching videos, all about long arm machines and of all I’ve seen, Jamie Wallen spoke to me and made so much sense.  I got confident in adjusting the bobbin tension so I only had the top guy to fight with, oiled my machine as if it was a crane but instead of waxing my rails and wheels (I know the damage wax build up can cause) I returned to my trusted Wurth silicone spray and buffed the hell of my frame, rails, wheels and anything that needed moving.  And then it happened…… perfect tension, smooth gliding and me feeling in control. My backing rail is also belly height; I suppose that is why Lori calls it a belly rail instead of the suggested higher setting.  I guess different settings works for different people.

Okay being a small test quilt, I had the top floating and another hint I got from Loading Lori’s way, was not to have my layers too tight, one of my initial mistakes.  I am SO satisfied with this. Using Cruise Mode 14 SPI I am rather chuffed.

Monday, December 04, 2017

Eye of the Storm – 6

My quilt top is done and I am so impressed, not only with the pattern but with myself for getting it right.  I had to do corrections on 3 blocks, one had a strip in the wrong width and the other two had the wrong colours in certain spots but once I’ve finished the 42 blocks, checking them was a breeze for I knew the colours by heart then.

Once I popped the top over a bed I realised that I will easily make this exact same pattern again.  Obviously in a different colour but I am sure I will still enjoy the process.
Now I am waiting for my ordered fabric to add borders and get this little bugger quilted.

This pattern can be purchased over HERE.